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Aathira Nair

How to best integrate Blue Button with EHR?

The Blue Button initiative was aimed at allowing patients to download their EHR information from their MyHealth accounts and opening up the healthcare content from inaccessible sources. The aim was…

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CAC Implementation for ICD-10

Computer Assisted Coding or CAC has gained importance with the ICD-10 implementation road map underway at most healthcare providers. The CAC software will help preserve accounts receivable and accounts payable…

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Moving forward after the ICD-10 delay

As the Senate passed the bill putting into motion the ICD-10 delay, there are many questions which have been popping up. There are many providers who have been ready or…

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ICD-10: A cloud approach

Does this mean things should be slowing down? This is a golden opportunity for healthcare ISVs who are preparing to embrace cloud and provide easily scalable solutions to move ahead…

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Centre of Medicaid Services conducted a ICD-10 testing routine to smoothen claims processing prior to the October 1, 2014 deadline. March 3 -7 2014 was the week wherein a limited…

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Myths about ICD-10 implementation busted

The new ICD-10 coding system is to be implementation in the coming 7 months, and there are many assumptions which can cause an unfavorable result of this implementation process. Here…

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